We believe it is vitally important for children to have a well-rounded education based on the Biblical foundations of the Gospel. Academically, CCA combines several creative and well-known curriculums throughout our age groups, including Abeka, Learning Without Tears, ABC Jesus Loves Me, and Zoo-Phonics.

Children will develop critical cognitive skills such as problem-solving, sequencing, and classification through individual, group, and choice-based activities. In addition, children will attend weekly Specials, including; Chapel, Spanish, Music, and PE (age/schedule dependent).

It is fundamental for children to move, run and play. Fresh air and outdoor time are vitally important for children. Classes will have outside play daily unless the temperatures are outside of the acceptable ranges, which is set by our Bright from the Start State Licensing Guidelines.

Two-Year-Old Classes

The ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based toddler and preschool curriculum focusing on Bible, academics, and development that allows the child to explore, play and learn new things. This curriculum contains goals and objectives to gauge the child's learning and growth. In addition, the Abeka curriculum teaches children about Jesus and God’s Word using visual Bible stories and music.

Three-Year-Old Classes

Our three-year-old classes use the Learning Without Tears, Get Set for School curriculum. They will continue to work on letter and sound recognition. In addition, they will begin practicing handwriting skills. Students will begin basic math skills through the use of games and manipulatives. They will also begin estimation, prediction, and vocabulary expansion through calendar and circle time activities. Our three classes participate in circle time, large and small group lessons, and learning centers.

Four-Year-Old Pre-K Classes

Our Four-year-old (Pre-K) classes use Zoo-phonics and Every Day Counts curriculum. Through Zoo-phonics, they will work on language development, reading readiness, and handwriting through small and large group learning environments. They will utilize Every Day Counts Calendar Math in circle time to learn basic math concepts in preparation for kindergarten. Our Four (Pre-K) classes participate in circle time, large and small group lessons, and learning centers.

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Bridge Kindergarten 

The Bridge Kindergarten class “bridges” the gap between preschool and an increasingly demanding Kindergarten curriculum. This class also benefits children with later birthdays or those who need more time and opportunities to develop and strengthen skills necessary for Kindergarten.

The Bridge Kindergarten literacy curriculum uses the Georgia state standards to guide and build a strong foundation in handwriting, phonological and phonemic awareness--while incorporating sight words, word families, and beginning reading. Bridge K utilizes whole and small group instruction and hands-on centers to guide instruction for individual students' needs.

Bridge K also uses a year-long Bible curriculum. Each month is broken down into a weekly topic with stories based on scripture.

Bridge K and K Comparisons




Our fully accredited Kindergarten program follows the Georgia Performance Standards required by the state. The ultimate goals of Kindergarten are to develop fluent and enthusiastic readers. Our reading Curriculum takes a science-of-reading approach emphasizing phonics and phonemic awareness.

Our writing curriculum builds a connection between oral language and written expression. The students learn to tell stories orally, through pictures and words. The math curriculum follows the math frameworks laid out by the state. We use manipulatives as well as real-world number sense in our daily lessons.

Kindergarten also uses a year-long Bible curriculum. Each month is broken down into a weekly topic with stories based on scripture. While we believe academics are important we keep God at the center.

Bridge K and K Comparisons