Nursery Policies

What to Bring
We ask that parents bring the following with their child to the nursery each week:

  • 3 disposable diapers (if child is in diapers)
  • Baby wipes
  • Change of clothing (for all children under age 3)
  • Bottle or sippy cup
  • Pacifier (if child uses one)
  • Comfort item for infants (if desired)

Please be sure to label everything that your child brings into the classroom, including the diaper bag.

Our staff sanitizes and disinfects all toys and surfaces in the nursery after each time the classrooms are used. However, the best way to prevent illness is to prevent exposure. Please help us keep our classrooms free of illness by keeping your child home if they are sick. We are aware that sometimes this is a difficult call to make. Please be conservative and refrain from bringing your child to church if he or she exhibits signs of a virus or cold, has had a fever, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting with in the last 24 hours, or has a contagious or undiagnosed rash. Respecting this policy is very important to the safety, health, and comfort or your child, as well as the care providers and other children in the nursery. If your child arrives sick or becomes ill during his/her time in childcare we will contact you to pick up the child from the nursery.

In the event that your child comes down with a contagious illness following a visit to our nursery, please contact our nursery coordinator, Anna Jordan, at so that adequate measures may be taken.

A mid-morning snack of goldfish crackers and water will be provided for all children in classrooms with children age 1 and older. In the infant room, bottles and food sent by the parent will be given as specified by the parent at drop-off.

The nursery/preschool wing is a tree nut/peanut free area. Please do not bring nuts or nut products into the hallway. This is for the protection of our children with severe nut allergies.

If your child is in a 1, 2, 3, or 4 year old classroom, please do not send food in with them since we may have other children with allergies. Please allow your children to finish their café items or other breakfast foods prior to entering the classroom.