Student Parking

2023-2024 PARKING

At the end of each school-year, we review the parking program and make modifications in an effort to improve and manage the program more efficiently. There were several things to consider in our review which will result in some changes to the upcoming 2023-2024 school-year. The safety of everyone on our campus is of our utmost priority and most of the changes being made are with that in mind. 


  • Priority Parking Applications: Monday, June 26th by 4pm through Sunday, July 9th. Priority Parking is available to any student who held a parking permit at Creekside Church by the end of the previous school year. A Priority Parking Application link will be sent by email to the parent/guardian email we have on file for eligible students. All priority parking applicants will be notified by email of acceptance or missing information no later than 11th.
  • Regular Parking Applications: Begins Wednesday, July 12th and will be accepted until full. A link to the application will be provided on this webpage at that time.
  • Active Creekside Church Member Parking: Please contact for more information.

Any student with a valid license can apply at Creekside Church for the student parking program. Parking applications must be submitted through an online application and payment system. All applications will be reviewed and a follow-up email sent within 2 business days (priority parking will be notified by a specified date). If an application does not include all required information and documentation, the application is subject to being denied and refund processed. We will make an attempt to obtain the missing information. All spaces are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Spaces will be assigned according to the order in which they are received. No special requests will be considered.


Application requirements (documentation must be uploaded in pdf format):

  • parent and student signature are required and will be verified
  • valid student driver's license (no permits - no exceptions)
  • auto insurance of the vehicle that will be driven (must be current)
  • state registration or temporary state registration of the vehicle that will be driven (must be current / pictures of license plate or temp plate not accepted)
  • payment by credit or debit card (no AMEX)

$450 (August-May)
The parking fee will be reduced by $45 at the end of each month. The online application will reflect the current fee. We will not pro-rate by day or week nor do we provide a pro-rated refund if an application is submitted at the end of the month. By submitting the application, you agree to the fee at the time of submission. 

Payment must be made in full at the time the application is submitted online. American Express is NOT accepted. When submitting your application, please do not refresh your screen or hit submit multiple times to avoid duplicate charges. By submitting the application and payment, you agree to the fee at the time of submission. We do not pro-rate by day or week.

If at any point a student no longer needs their space at Creekside, we will be happy to issue a pro-rated refund once the permit is physically returned to the office. The refund amount would be for any full remaining months in the school year. If the physical permit is not returned, we can still issue the pro-rated refund minus an additional $5. Refunds will not be issued for revoked permits.

Once all student parking spaces are full, we will post a link to be added to a waiting list. Only students with a valid student driver's license may sign up on the waiting list.

2023-2024 Student Parking Application

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the church office 770-888-8449 or email . If you are an active member of Creekside Church, please contact the office.