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FTFT Delivery Drivers Needed

Posted by Charlotte Renfrow on

Creekside’s Feeding The Five Thousand Ministry serves 120 individuals and 29 families in the Forsyth County Area. Our vision is to serve those in need and FTFT also provides opportunities for volunteers to serve our neighbors by working together to provide monthly food delivery to our clients. We are excited to start pursuing more individuals and families in need. For us to take on more clients, we first need more volunteers to deliver the groceries. This commitment takes about two hours once a month. Below are quotes from two current delivery volunteers.

"Ron and I have had our FTFT clients since March 2022.  We were gifted with a couple close to our ages (we are seniors). When we knocked on their door we didn't know what to expect, only that we felt compelled by God to serve in a ministry we are passionate about.  To our surprise, they welcomed us into their home and lives. Monthly food deliveries grew into an authentic friendship which spurred us to connect them with other caring Creekside church family members (Women's Wednesday Night Bible Study and COP) who could appreciate them as much as we did."- Debbie Humphreys

“We started delivering for FTFT back in 2012 when our boys were much younger.  We stepped outside of our comfort zone, as FTFT clients are in a much different economic/living situation than most of us at Creekside.  Early on, we delivered to a young family of four that were living in a tough situation; however, we had the blessing of seeing them move out of the rough spot and elevate to a place where they no longer needed the monthly assistance.  As a family we still recall how great that was for them, and that we (the Church) played a small role in." – Rich McKenzie

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