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Getting it Right

Posted by Jason Danuser on

Many of the letters in the New Testament are corrective in nature- a church is getting something wrong and an apostle is calling them out for it and urging them toward repentance.  But sometimes a church gets it right!  In the letter that we call 1 Thessalonians, Paul writes to a congregation that he helped form and that he clearly loves.  And for the most part, he tells them to keep on doing what they’re doing.  Although they are not perfect and have plenty of growing room (like every congregation and every Christian does!), they are healthy and they are faithful.  I’m blessed to be able to honestly say the same about Creekside.  There is so much health in our life together—people are meeting Jesus, growing in their faith, experiencing authentic community, and serving in Jesus’ name.  Every time we gather, laughter is heard, prayers are prayed, and stories are shared.  Above all, the gospel is shared often and enthusiastically, the Bible is read and taught, and Jesus is worshiped and followed as Lord of all.  Is Creekside a perfect church?  Of course not!  Is Creekside a healthy church that gets it right most of the time?  In my judgment as Pastor, we absolutely are.  Over the next five weeks, we’ll look at Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonian Church seeking encouragement, affirmation, and instruction on how to make sure we keep “getting it right” as we grow together in God’s grace.


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