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New Series - Check Your Connection

Posted by Jason Danuser on

In the time in which we live, few things are more frustrating than losing our Wi-Fi connection!  In my home, when the Wi-Fi goes down, our devices, computers, video game consoles, and television channels are all rendered pretty useless.  Put simply, having a strong internet connection is essential for nearly all of our technology.  In a similar manner, you and I were created to be connected as well.  

The most essential connection for each of us, of course, is our connection to our Lord.  The Church has a vital role to play in helping folks establish this connection by receiving the salvation Jesus offers and in helping Christians strengthen this connection.  But the Church lacks the capacity to makes sure each of our individual connection to Jesus is strong.  That responsibility ultimately falls to each one of us.  

Over the next seven weeks, we’ll look at some essential spiritual practices that can help us stay vitally connected to the Lord as we live our lives, and we’ll be encouraged and challenged to make sure our individual connection to Jesus is strong!

- Senior Pastor Jason Danuser


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