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Revelation - Extravagant Hope

Posted by Susan Dargis on

December! Can you believe we've made it to the end of another year?

(Women,) As we gear up for the holidays and look forward to 2022, we would like to make sure Monday Morning Bible Study is on your calendar.

Beginning January 10, 2022, we will kick off our first study of the year with a Beautiful Word Bible Study designed to help connect God’s Word to your daily life through vibrant video teaching, group discussion, and deep personal study that includes verse-by-verse reading, Scripture memory cut-out cards, coloring pages, and encouragement to receive your own beautiful Word from God. We will be joining Margaret Feinberg as she digs into the book of Revelation and the letters to the churches found there as she takes us through Revelation - Extravagant Hope.

"Revelation" and "Extravagant Hope" are probably not words you typically think of together. But imagine if you could. Well that's what this study will enable you to do. Have you ever heard someone say they are afraid of the book of Revelation? Or perhaps without knowing, simply described the book in a negative or challenging way? Nothing could be more incorrect as the entire book is a descriptive and poignant expression of what John was blessed to see and that each of us longs to know - a place, an end, an eternity that is promised and is the very definition of hope - extravagant hope.

Check out this video to learn more about the study.

And just think, this is the one and only book of the Bible that promises a blessing to those who read and study it. (Rev 1:3)

Don't miss out on the blessing God has for you!

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