Wednesday Night Connection Groups


Wednesday Night Connection Groups - Connection Groups have one simple purpose: to bring students together and give them a place to belong. They are a strategic way for students to talk about the highs and lows of their lives. We want students to share with one another and learn how to look to Scripture for God's help in all aspects of life. Our connection groups are formed according to grade level as well as by gender and led by a qualified, caring adult leader.

Open Gym

Wednesday Evenings will run 6:30 - 8:00pm- all students are dropped off and picked up at the Creekside Gym. 6:30 is what we call "Open Gym" where all the games are out for all students to hang out and play together. Then just before 7pm we will gather everyone together to show a short 10-minute video on different topics taught by some of the best Christian teachers and thinkers in the world. After the video, everyone will be broken out into their Connection Group. We will then all gather back in the gym just before 8pm for any announcements and our closing benediction.

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