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Creekside Updates

We recognize that our first responsibility is to assure that you and your family will have a clean, sanitized and safe environment for worship. Each Saturday evening our housekeeping vendor will perform a deep clean in the atrium and worship center. We will place hand sanitizing stations throughout the atrium and worship center for Sunday morning use. Masks are strongly encouraged. If you do not consider wearing a mask important for your own safety please consider wearing a mask for the safety and/or the peace of mind of your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you do not have your own, we will provide you with one.

Please know that we will do our best to begin all of these vital growth and connection opportunities as soon as possible. We are looking at several other ways to build deeper connections at Creekside. We will communicate those as they unfold.

It is our intent to continue our 9:30 and 11am services along with Kidz Church and Nursery at both hours! However, we need to submit to the authority of both our governmental officials as well as our Conference. At present, both of these authorities have left decisions regarding when and how to re-open largely up to us, but that could change in the future. We also might have to respond to a situation within our specific context at Creekside that would interrupt this plan. As we move forward, we ask for your continued prayers and support as we seek to lead our congregation in these difficult days. We are grateful for the guidance of our Church Council and our Church Staff.


Please take a moment to review the protocol for Sunday morning worship included below. Obviously, this will be relaxed as circumstances regarding the pandemic warrant. Please be assured that we want to return to “normal” as soon as possible!

Sunday Morning Protocol:
  • We are asking our families to maintain social distancing and to refrain from personal contact. This means no handshakes, high fives, hugs, etc. A smile and wave is welcomed and encouraged. As mentioned above, we urge you to wear a mask.
  • The seating in the worship center has been arranged to also maintain social distancing of 6 feet in all directions (families can sit together, of course). This has reduced the seating capacity to about 200 seats.
  • When entering the worship center, please know that face masks are required on the right half of the room. We encourage masks to be worn but are optional on the left half.
  • We will be asking you to RSVP for Sunday morning worship as a result of the reduced seating capacity. We ask that you RSVP before 9:00am on Wednesday morning. Once we add a second service to Sunday morning, we will then review RSVP counts to gauge whether to add a third service at a time TBD.
  • Please enter the church building through the double doors at the main entry. All other doors will remain locked. This will assist us in minimizing the square footage required for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • To maintain the guidelines of social distancing there will be a maximum of 2 people in the bathrooms at a time. Members of the Hospitality Team will be stationed by the restroom doors to assist with this requirement.
  • As a result of the pandemic the following ministries and activities will be placed on hold until further notice: No coffee or donuts, no communion, no bulletins, no passing of offering baskets (they will be placed at the exit doors of the worship center).
  • We will dismiss the congregations by rows to maintain social distancing. It is important that you do not linger in the atrium during dismissal.
Sunday Morning Children's Ministry

We can’t begin to tell you how much we love the children at Creekside and how we have missed all of you! We pray that each of you have been able to get back into the school routine, whatever that looks like for your family. 
As you can imagine, we will need to operate much differently than prior to the pandemic. We want to ensure that our families understand what measures have been put in place in order for you to be comfortable with your child attending Nursery or Kidz Church.

  • Our first responsibility is to assure that your children have a clean, sanitized and safe environment. Nursery will be held in rooms that are not in use by CCA on Mondays. Nursery rooms will be sanitized and toys will be changed out in between services. We will make hand sanitizing stations available for Sunday morning use.
  • Wellness Check-in stations will be located in the Nursery and Discipleship Wing hallways. Children will have their temperature checked to ensure it is less than 100.4. If a child isn’t feeling well, be safe and stay home!
  • The seating in Kidz Church has been arranged to also maintain social distancing of 6 feet in all directions. This has reduced the seating capacity to about 30 spots.
  • Staff and volunteers will be wearing masks or face shields. Children over the age of 2 are encouraged to wear masks.
  • Let us feel your HUGE smile! Give a wave, air hugs or air high fives! Let’s keep it safe and maintain social distancing!
  • Eat before church! We love snacks, but we won’t be having any on Sunday just yet.
  • Get ready for FUN! We can’t wait to see our Creekside families!
  • Help us plan! Please RSVP for Sunday Nursery and/or Kidz Church on Creekside’s weekly RSVP email, Facebook Page, or website. Check-in tags will be pre-printed and waiting for you.

If you have any questions about Nursery or Kidz Church, please contact Karen Roney.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through these challenging times!