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Posted by Kevin Wyglad on

Advent/Christmas is certainly a special season in the church. How many ways can you think of that Christmas unites people? One of those ways that comes to my mind is the music. It seems to bring every believer together even in their specific worship style. With the countless arrangements of the Christmas classics (O Come All Ye Faithful, Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard On High, etc.), it would be very rare to hear someone say, I don't know that song. Everyone can sing the native melodies and quickly catch on to a modern chorus or refrain. I love that the spirit of the season in the heart of the worshiper seems to bring more grace, more compassion, more togetherness. 

As the Worship and Arts Director, I pray over each and every one of these songs that God puts on my heart to share with our congregation. Advent/Christmas makes this process so much easier for the reasons I explained above. When considering songs, some might say that I overthink it. But it is important to me that I have complete clarity that these songs are what God wants us to sing. I also deeply contemplate all the variables and ways the music and technology is presented using the tools that God gave us as an assist to go deeper with Him in worship. As we look back in church history there are all kinds of elements used in worship - candles, incense, chalice, stained glass, robes, instruments, as well as music. Today we have the blessing of using some of those things as well as new elements including modern instruments and modern technology. 

As we read in the book of Psalms, the writer exudes with amazing passion for worship. There is a time for reverent worship, but the writer also highly encourages outward, fully active, fully engaged, participation in corporate worship. He uses terms like shout to the Lord, make a joyful noise unto the Lord, raise a banner, sing and dance, etc. God called David a man after His own heart and loved his passion to praise and worship not holding anything back and giving it his all. 

If you have that passion, in the new year, I am seeking outward worshipers for a new part of the worship team called the Praise Gang. This group of singers do not have to be highly proficient in singing, just love to worship. This is not a choir, per say either. I'll share more in a personal conversation. Of course, I am always open to novice to experienced instrumentalists and vocalists 18 and over. I tell our team all the time that they are all worship leaders, whether you're singing or running lights, you all lead the congregation in worship. This is a high honor that God calls us to this role. If any of this might be you, please pray about connecting with me. 

May God bless you and yours in this wonderful season of celebrating the birth of Christ. In all circumstances, I pray that our God binds us all to His Son in this season and beyond. 

Merry Christmas!

Kevin Wyglad


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