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Creekside Kidz Christmas Musical
Posted by Julie Andrews on

I have always loved the message Paul shares in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 about the church being one body made of many parts, all with their unique roles to play to make the body work. I see this being played out in so many ways every day at Creekside, but it becomes especially meaningful to me...

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C.O.P. - A Creekside Tradition
Posted by Rikki Comella on

C.O.P. stands for Community Outreach Project.  It’s been a Creekside Tradition in our Student Ministry for 17 years. Students who have been to C.O.P. can’t wait to go again. Our younger students who have been around Creekside for years can’t wait until their “first...

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Feeding the Five Thousand
Posted by Rick Cooke on

About 12 years ago Creekside Church began a mission ministry we call "Feeding the Five Thousand"; (FTFT), The purpose of this ministry is to provide food to our Forsyth County neighbors. Each month volunteers deliver groceries including staple items, frozen meat and bread to around 50 families...

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Easter Power
Posted by Jason Danuser on

In one of his letters (Philippians), the Apostle Paul is telling his story.  He talks about who he used to be and who he had become through his relationship with Jesus.  Then, Paul tells his readers his desire for his future.  He says that he wants to know Christ “and the...

Lead Me to the Cross
Posted by Jason Danuser on

The season of Lent marks the forty-day time period (excluding Sundays) in which Christians are invited to enter into a focused time of prayer and fasting as we prepare for the great celebration of Easter. Simply put, we are encouraged to draw near to God during this season through repentance and...

Going Beyond Our Belief
Posted by Jason Danuser on

For most of us, the Christmas season has come to an end.  Decorations are being put away until next year, school is starting back, and we’ll begin to get settled into something resembling a regular routine.  I certainly thought we had a very meaningful Advent/Christmas at...

Journey to Christmas
Posted by Jason Danuser on

Over the past few months, I have told friends again and again that I need a reset. The past three years have been exhausting in every way imaginable. First, we had COVID and no one knew what in the world to do. Then, as we emerged from the pandemic, we had to face the decision of disaffiliation...

Posted by Jason Danuser on

In my decade and a half (plus a few months) at Creekside, we have welcomed well over a thousand new members into our family of faith, including over fifty this past June when we announced that you had to join then if you wanted to be eligible to vote in our recent Church Conference. And...