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Creekside Kidz Christmas Musical
Posted by Julie Andrews on

I have always loved the message Paul shares in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 about the church being one body made of many parts, all with their unique roles to play to make the body work. I see this being played out in so many ways every day at Creekside, but it becomes especially meaningful to me...

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C.O.P. - A Creekside Tradition
Posted by Rikki Comella on

C.O.P. stands for Community Outreach Project.  It’s been a Creekside Tradition in our Student Ministry for 17 years. Students who have been to C.O.P. can’t wait to go again. Our younger students who have been around Creekside for years can’t wait until their “first...

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Feeding the Five Thousand
Posted by Rick Cooke on

About 12 years ago Creekside Church began a mission ministry we call "Feeding the Five Thousand"; (FTFT), The purpose of this ministry is to provide food to our Forsyth County neighbors. Each month volunteers deliver groceries including staple items, frozen meat and bread to around 50 families...

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Cruisin' In the Classics!
Posted by Jason Danuser on

What are the essentials of the Christian faith? Certainly the answer to that question begins with the gospel of Jesus Christ and centers upon his work on the cross. That is how we are made right with God, by grace and grace alone! From there, I think we’d have to talk about theology and...

Rock Solid Relationships
Posted by Jason Danuser on

Happy Easter! Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! As we continue to celebrate the reality that Jesus is alive, we would do well to remember that this means more than simply he lives in heaven. To say Christ is risen is to say that he is alive in the hearts and lives of those who trust in...

Falling Short
Posted by Jason Danuser on

Next Wednesday (March 2) is Ash Wednesday, which begins the season of Lent on the Church calendar. During this season, we are invited to prepare for the celebration of Easter by intentionally spending time reflecting on our frailty, our mortality, and our sin, which should lead us to deeper...

A New Year - 7 Signs
Posted by Jason Danuser on

Christmas is always a wonderful celebration of the most amazing gift in history- Jesus!  But we are invited to do more than merely celebrate Jesus' birth.  We are called to know who he is, to trust in him, and to find fullness of life in following him.  The Apostle John, a dear...

The Reason for the Season
Posted by Jason Danuser on

“Jesus is the reason for the season.” It is cliché, but it is true. Without Jesus, there would certainly be no Christmas celebration. However, Jesus came to this earth out of his wonderful love for us. So in this sense, we are also the reason for the Christmas season. And the...